Dr. Lemmens

Dr. Lemmens is de pionier voor obesitaschirurgie in België.

Bariatrisch surgeon Dr. Lemmens

Dr. Lemmens is the pioneer of obesity surgery in Belgium. He participated in the first world congress on obesity surgery in 1984 and he is still invited to these international meetings as a speaker Over the years Dr. Lemmens increased his expertise and helped several thousands of obese people suffering from morbid obesity. A team led by him was the 1st Center of Excellence in Europe, recognized by the IFSO (International Federation for Obesity Surgery).

Different types of bariatric surgery are performed in our department: gastric bypass, mini-bypass, sleeve, and revision operations. We also perform plastic surgeries in case of skin excess: abdominoplasty, arm and thigh lift. These surgeries are described in detail on other pages in this website.

Some important publications in the international journal for obesity surgery: “OBESITY SURGERY”

  • Banded Gastric Bypass
    Better Long-Term Results? A Cohort Study with Minimum 5-Year Follow-Up. Obes Surg. (2017) 27 :864-872. Lemmens L.
  • Banded gastric Bypass
    Four years follow up in a prospective multicenter analysis. BMC Surg. 2014; 14: 88. Published online 2014 Nov 12. doi:  10.1186/1471-2482-14-88. PMCID: PMC4236457. Luc Lemmens, W Konrad Karcz, Waleed Bukhari, Jodok Fink, and Simon Kuesters
  • Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy
    Better Long-Term Results? A Long-Term Cohort Study Until 5 Years Follow-Up in Obese and Superobese Patients. Obesity Surgery (2018) 28:2687–2695. Luc Lemmens, Jelmer Van Den Bossche, Hinali Zaveri, Amit Surve

Membership of professional organizations::

  • Founding member (1996) of the Benelux Association of Bariatric Surgeons (BABS)
  • Founding member (2006) of the Belgian Obesity Surgery Section (SOSB). This foundation was later transformed into the Belgian Section for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery (BeSOMS)
  • Treasurer of BeSOMS
  • Former board member of the International Federation of Obesity Surgery (IFSO)
  • President (2008 – 2010) of the European Chapter of IFSO (IFSO EC)
  • President of the IFSO EC Congress (2014)

Member of the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery