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  • Bariatric Clinic Dr Lemmens

    Pioneer of obesity surgery in Belgium

    Obesity is a disease of all times.

    Venus of Willendorf – 22,000 BC

    Obesity is an incurable but treatable disease.

    This is why surgery may be necessary. Surgery not only tackles the problem of weight, but also the health problems caused by obesity. This is bariatric surgery or obesity/metabolic surgery. When dieting and other weight management treatments have failed, bariatric surgery can be a good treatment option. Bariatric surgery is an appropriate choice if the risks of surgery are less than the health risks.

    There are several surgical procedures available for the treatment of obesity.


    From 1 January 2024, Dr Lemmens will be consulting at the following address:
    Prins Albertstraat 41
    9100 Sint-Niklaas

    Surgery will still be performed at AZ Rivierenland in 2880 Bornem.

    For consultations, please consult the ‘Consultations’ and ‘Contact’ page.

    Current offer

    You will find more information on all these operations later this website.

    • Standard gastric bypass
    • Omega or Mini-Bypass
    • Sleeve gastrectomy

    These operations can be combined with a Minimizer ring to reduce the risk of weight gain. For more information on these procedures, please consult further in this website.

    • Re-operation after weight regain and/or undesirable side effects
    • More complex re-operations are also performed because of weight gain:
      • SADI’S
      • SASI
        Before such an operation is carried out, it is discussed in detail with the patient.

    o We also offer solutions for people with limited excess weight.

    In addition to weight-loss procedures, plastic operations are also carried out for excess skin:

    • abdominoplasty / tummy tuck
    • brachioplasty / arm lift
    • Thigh lift surgery

    For breast or facial correction, we work with a plastic surgeon from our hospital.

    Blood tests

    Blood samples can be taken every day between 8.30am and 11am at the same address: Prins-Albertstraat 41 in Sint-Niklaas.