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    Coördinatrice obesitas kliniek Dr. Lemmens – Rhoda Van Geem

    Next to expertise, we offer a personal care in all discretion. An intake interview with our coordinator, Mme. Van Geem, lasts on average an hour and a half. After a detailed explanation of the different techniques, the most suitable procedure is agreed upon with the patient, and the advantages and disadvantages discussed. Potential complications are addressed.

    To obtain reimbursement from RIZIV/INAMI – the health insurance fund – preoperative examinations are necessary for Belgian citizens. The coordinator takes care of the appointments for these examinations. We offer you a transparent view of all the costs that the procedure may entail.

    After a well-executed procedure, good follow-up is important. This monitoring is personally provided by us. In addition, our team is always available to guide and advise you.

    One of our slogans is: “after a bariatric surgery, the patient is not allowed to have pain because of this surgery”. In case of pain, possibly due to the operation, we need to know, and we will do whatever is necessary to relieve this inconvenience.

    For any further questions, please contact us via the contact details below:

    Rhoda van Geem

    M.: (+32) 478 39 36 93

    E: rhoda@dr-lemmens.be