Endoscopic Sleeve gastroplasty

Who is eligible for a Sleeve gastroplasty?

“Endosleeve” is an interesting technique for people to whom diet, and exercise do not provide sufficient lasting results. The surgery is suitable for motivated people with a BMI> 30 kg / m² who wish to pursue a healthy lifestyle after the procedure.

The technique is not practiced on people with:

  • History of stomach bleeding.
  • Hiatal hernia > 5 cm
  • Previously performed stomach surgery
  • Stomach ulcer

Today, the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is not reimbursed. The procedure, the equipment used, the choice of room, etc. are fully financed by the patient.

Advantages of sleeve gastroplasty

  • No scars and few complications
  • Reversible and can be repeated

Disadvantages of sleeve gastroplasty

  • The sutures may untie with the loss of the effect of the procedure

Results of an “endosleeve”

Studies show a weight loss of 10 till 20 %of the total body weight after 2 years. There are still no long term results. In case of a good and regular follow up by a multidisciplinary team we can expect an acceptable weight loss on the longer term.